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Welcome to ADMC Logistics, a leading provider of logistics solutions for businesses of all sizes. With years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for companies.

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At ADMC Logistics, we understand the importance of a seamless supply chain to the success of your business. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of logistics services, including warehousing, transportation, international freight forwarding and Supply chain solutions. Our team of logistics professionals works tirelessly to optimize your supply chain, reducing costs and improving efficiency. We leverage our extensive network of partners and cutting-edge technology to provide customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're looking to expand your business globally or streamline your domestic operations, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals. Trust ADMC Logistics to be your logistics partner and take your business to the next level. Contact us to get a quotation today.

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Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs, providing flexible and customizable options.

Cost effectiveness

We work to optimize your supply chain to reduce costs and improve profitability.


We prioritize sustainable practices, providing eco-friendly options and reducing our carbon footprint.


Our Team Our logistics professionals has years of experience in the industry, allowing us to provide reliable and efficient service.


Our extensive network of partners allows us to provide comprehensive solutions, whether you need domestic or international logistics services.


Our team has expertise in various industries, from healthcare to retail, allowing us to provide specialized solutions to meet your unique needs.

Customer service

We prioritize exceptional customer service, providing responsive and personalized support to ensure your satisfaction.


We leverage state-of-the-art technology to optimize your logistics process and provide real-time tracking and reporting.

ADMC Logistics is a member of JC Trans Network, FIATA and NAFL

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